January 22, 2011


1) If i think the world is so cold and harsh, i'll escape into my own fantasy world for refuge (dreamy one).
2) I'd like to make others feel better, i try to. 
3) I like romantic radiance so much, stimulating conversation etc.
4) I prefer thru deed than by word to show my feeling.
5) Practice what i preached.
6) I need to experience excitement, versatility and stimulation to feel fully satisfied.
7) Intuitive, i like the excitement of the chase hehe.
8) I often overly imaginative and prone to fantasy, and i'll get my romantic idea ^^
9) If i want to know people, i perfectly comfortable sharing my feelings and innermost thoughts with them.
10) I'm strong, but silent type (magnetic aura :p).
11) Once loyal, always loyal, unless your proven to be disloyal.
12) I always like and respect people who teach me something new. Whether it is a good joke, a new outlook, how to build something etc :)
13) Art or music, painting or picture, maybe the best way to express my emotion.
14) Real love is universal. It is strictly emotions and actions i think.


Anonymous said...

WOW..Amazing !! :D

dea hanifah said...

which part Mir? hhaha

Anonymous said...

haha i'm just thinking that all of the part is just very trully you.. ^^

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