January 23, 2011

I Miss My Old Goosebumps

When I was a little, I love reading story books. Especially the horror stories. And my most favorite horror book is Goosebumps. I had almost all the titles of these RL Stine's books. But now, I do not know the existence of these books since I moved. Why did I love the books so much? Because when I read the book, it was kinda like stepping into a fantasy world of horror! Mysterious story, imaginative, created curiosity every single time I read the story. Cool! 

Well, here they are! My favorite five Goosebumps..

"Bergaya Sebelum Mati - Say Cheese and Die"
This is my first Goosebumps book. I really like the cover. This book tells the story of a cursed camera that can predict future events will on the targeted object. But those future events were just bad and horrific events of that object. Until every person will not be willing to be photographed by this camera. What a creepy story (probably for children :) ), but I thought the story was very impressive I couldn't imagine...

Another unpredictable ending story. Imaginative!

Actually, Goosebumps books consist of various categories. There are one story out version, teen version, adventure series and that book above is a 10 short stories of horror collection version. Very interesting! School holiday was the best time to read Goosebumps I guess. And I usually ran out for hours without stopping to read this book.

This book is also my favorite one. One story out but readers are asked to set the storyline, choose a few options on every page, it's like playing Snakes and Ladders. Be careful! Once you get failed to choose the storyline, you'll die. What a great concept I can't imagine! ^^

I thought the cover was the most horrific terrible cover of all editions. I couldn't even sleep and had a nightmare then after read the book. Ghost Lake on the cover was such as real and stared straight at me...scary uuh -_-

Ok, that's all my favorite Goosebumps. I'm just missing to read them so much now but I don't know where to find..hmm..


teds said...

maybe u can find some other stories here:


unfortunately, it's not pretty much complete..

Anonymous said...

I noticed most people either found the girl on the cover of Camp Cold Lake either terrifying or attractive. I'm actually in the second category. I had a crush on her when I was 12 back in 1997 when I first got the book.

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