February 7, 2011

Shelly's Wedding on Feb 5th

One memory that i remember most, of her is: 
She considerably refuse to be photographed! hehe
Seems she didn't like laughing often, or talking to any stranger. 
But unexpectedly, finally i knew and got a short conversation with her one day 
when we got in same statistic class ^^

She is unique, beautiful, cute and smart young lady.
She has the character,, 
hmm not that introvert as i thought and i also like her smiling face ^^.
She is 'bold'.
She is amazing...
so brave to took A decision to get married at 20th age,,
And now she is in the project of making a book, called 'Diary Istri Cilik' with her husband,, can't wait! :D

She is Mershelly Syanel :)
see more about Shelly here

shelly with her husband


Mershelly Syanel said...

me on Dea Diario's Blog! Thank you, sister... :D

Dea Hanifah said...

hihihi coz u're beautiful and inspiring, young lady! :D

me aishi said...

semoga segera menyusul nikah... nikah sambil kuliah enak kok :D

Dea Hanifah said...

:) wow, aamiin,, makasii Aishi!

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