February 6, 2011

Green Day

Two days ago, I was on some 'duty' vacation, just two with my mom to Leles, my Grandma's house. Leles is a small village in Kab. Garut, West Java. I was so happy along the trip, all day in Leles. Spent those days with my grandma, great grandma and my mother. I used minibus called 'elep' to went there, which was my first experience. Just 10000 rupiah from Terminal Caheum, n we could tasted the 'fast n furious' experience to Leles. Haha. When I got there, I was walking around to certain rice fields. I enjoyed the circumstance there! And here are some pictures that I took... :)

the rice fields

i started to love orange n yellow on green background, sepertinya...^^

(ah nini mah ga senyum-senyum)

n i lived here, in my Grandma's house during the vacation, not so far from her family rice fields and mesjid...

alhamdulillah ^^

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