December 21, 2010

Nice Tips to Through The Day Without Stress

# Forenoon :

  • Turn on all lights. If you get up early before sunrise, turn on all lamps. Or open all the curtains if the sun is rising. Create a space to be as bright as possible in the morning to help cope with stress, makes happier.
  • Eat cereal for breakfast. Cereals rich in fiber. People who started the day with cereal will be happier and less tense throughout the day. Cereal helps regulate cortisol which released when the body feels tired.
  • Drink a glass of orange juice. Vitamin C reduces the levels of stress than other multivitamins. Lower blood pressure, more passionate all day long ^^
  • Humming or singing your favorite song. Pattern frequency of humming sound, especially if we hum our favorite song, will trigger some kind of alpha brain waves which can make us feel calmer and relax.

# Afternoon :

  • Snacking on nuts. Peanuts are rich in magnesium, a mineral essential for controlling cortisol. Some other good sources are sunflower seeds (which means "kuaci" in Indonesia) and apples.
  • Staring out the window. It is useful to relieve eye strain. It would be better if the weather is sunny! Staring at the blue sky can lower heart rate and improving breath-pattern. Make your piece of mind.
  • Eat bananas. Often underestimated..hehe. Many canteens or warteg provide bananas for dessert. Bananas rich in vitamin B which necessary for the body's system running smoothly. Vitamin B also regulates the adrenal hormone. Because when someone feels stress, a B vitamin that will first run out.
  • Scratch. Draw any picture that we liked. This is similar to meditation.

# Night :

  • Drink a cup of tea. Tea reduces levels of ACTH, a stress hormone.
  • Eat fish for dinner. Omega-3 fatty acids in fish effectively increase the production of serotonin.
  • Drink intake of calcium. Calm the adrenal glands and relaxe tense muscles.

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